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CANCELED: Thollem's Hot Pursuit of Happiness, Laura Ortman, David First


Thollem's Hot Pursuit of Happiness forges elements of Punk Rock, Psychedelia and Blues with many other influences from around the world. Including new songs and solo arrangements of Tsigoti songs, with "fluid keys pulverization" (Brad Cohan, Spin Magazine), Thollem’s work is ”political debauchery and a forward vocal delivery … that comes a-swingin’ right out of the gate" (Chocolate Grinder, Tiny Mix Tapes)

Over the last decade, Thollem's toured non-stop internationally, performing and recording with hundreds of musicians from a wide variety of genres resulting in more than 60 albums on 22 different vanguard labels. As a vocalist, Thollem's been releasing albums the last 10 years with his Italian agit-punk band Tsigoti(5th album coming this year), Hand To Man Band (Mike Watt, John Dieterich, Tim Barnes) and Andy Kaufman plus his initial solo album 'Machine in The Ghost'. The first HPOH album will be out later this year.

Laura Ortman's main influences are from all over the map. Wild, experimental, ethnic, tear-jerking, mad, dancing, soul, gothness, country. She writes and composes various types of new and challenging music that crosses categories of genres, moods and ideas—both culturally and experimentally that bring innovative arrangements to the medium. She has composed countless scores for independent filmmakers and has an extensive list of performances and artistic collaborations in the breath of her career.

David First: “Since the passing of Derek Bailey, no guitarist has subverted the purpose of the instrument as on this confounding and fascinating album.” Lar Gotrich/NPR “He often blows and draws multiple notes at a time, stretching the range of his harmonica and creating the aural illusion that he’s humming along with his playing. This gives his music a surreal density, as if he is accompanied by ghosts of harmonica players who died centuries hence.” Marc Masters/Wire Magazine