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SKULTPOR, Space Meow Doll, watergh0st


WNYU Radio Presents:

SKULPTOR is a Sound Artist, Performer, Producer, and Hybrid-DJ artist. Skulptor's ongoing use of classical piano training skills combined with drum machines, vocal pedals, and harmonizer loops sculpt emergent patterns that combine ghetto-tech, minimal, industrial, proto-pop, ambient, and lush atmospheres.

Space Meow Doll
Avatars with electro loops, beats, live instruments and visuals in a fusion of world wide styles to create songs that have been described as sweet but dark, yet danceable. Their work is inspired by post punk, rock, fuck, hip-hop, Brooklyn, the relationship between Eastern and Western cultures, space, cats and sloths.

watergh0st is a composer, producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from New York City.

sets in-between & after by Joyce / Smart Moves for the Stiff Mind

This show features female / femme / gender non-conforming artists, those of the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and artists representative of other diverse groups ⚡️

Come to support the artists as well as college radio! College radio: a sweet and true source of commercial-free, independent, alternative sonic content. Mainstream, "top 40s" radio is filled with corruption and payola...